Installed at OCAD University
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string theory

String theory was conceived and installed in the Fall of 2010.

The piece consists of a number of discrete components

  • The String Sculpture: A static site based installation that utilized both hand / mechanical fabrication techniques
  • The Bass Box: a hand constructed box that vibrates water through an internal subwoofer (credit to Sean Procyk for idea / implementation)
  • The Big Box of Awesome: A hand constructed open ended control tool. The box allowed the audience to interact with the piece, changing the shape / colors that would be projected on the sculpture, and the sound that would be played through the bass box (via arduino + max/msp + dmx shield)
  • Macbook Pro with Max/msp: Custom Patch to receive and transmit data via serial
  • Laser: to make things extra pretty (Special thanks to Robin Glennie)

a view from inside the sculpture

a 3d illusion caused by the laser

For more photographs check out the stream on flickr

chapter 1

Special Thanks to Brian ‘Tehn’ Crabtree for the song “vitaminfactory”

Find more of his awesome stuff here

The CNC pattern the finbonacci pattern follow to place holes for cnc

chapter 2

###bass box

Special thanks go out to Sean Procyk for the Bass Box concept… it is entirely his… he even helped build it.

chapter 3

The Laborious Process of Cutting String

Music is Complements of the Wonderful Stretta “an orchard for a dome” off of his latest release “A Funneled Stone”