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Playing with Deep Dream (on OSX 10.9).


pre-requirements: * boot2docker installed * docker installed * courage

boot2docker up
docker pull ryankennedyio/deepdream/
git clone
docker run -d -p 443:8888 -e "PASSWORD=password" -v $PWD:/src ryankennedyio/deepdream
# you can now use boot2docker ip and visit https://{that ip}

⚠⚠⚠ as of the writing of this post the included image in the above repo doesn't play nice with deep dream. If you change the jpeg everything will play nice. There is a PR in to fix this :D ⚠⚠⚠

I recently stumbled across clouddream which has some really amazing examples of how to turn deep dream into a service

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Getting started is a drag

The process of getting started with deep dream is not the simplest thing. If you start from the README found on github you will notice that you need to get ipython notebook installed to get started. Once you get that running you are going to find a NEST of dependencies you are going to have to install

From having an anaconda build of python to having CUDA installed you are in for a bad time.

Just use docker

After burning a bit of time trying to bootstrap my system I opted to find a docker image that got things up and running nicely.

A query or two brought me to ryankennedyio/deepdream on docker hub. Sadly the repo has no readme 😞. Thankfully after some Sherlocking I found the repo on github. The repo outlined the specific docker command that should be used to get things up and running. Everything works now and I can follow along. Below I will post my experiments... expect more as time goes on.

The Creator of this repo wrote a great blog post which goes quite a bit more in depth into getting things started.